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Boston Applied Technologies Incorporated
Introduces Acrobat™ Polarization Rotators
Woburn, MA, September 18, 2003 - Boston Applied Technologies Incorporated (BATI), a leading developer of light intensity and polarization management products, today announced the introduction of Acrobat™ Polarization Rotators (PR) for polarization rotation. Based on the recent breakthrough in OptoCeramicTM materials, Acrobat™ Polarization Rotator provides a continuously rotation of any polarized light with the applied control voltage while maintains its own polarization information. The device acts as a half-wave plate with a rotating axis. This device contains no moving parts and offers high speed, continuous polarization rotation with low insertion loss. Same as other polarization management devices in the Acrobat™ family, this device meets or exceeds Telcodia GR1221 and GR1209 specifications. The applications of Acrobat™ Polarization Rotator include polarization switching and rotating, polarization multiplexing of optical networks, and polarization management for instrumentation and laboratory. Both free-space and fiber in-line versions are available, with wavelength range from visible to mid-infrared.
About BATi
Boston Applied Technologies Incorporated (BATi) was formed in 2002 by the key management and technical team formerly with Corning Applied Technologies, a subsidiary of Corning Incorporated. With many years' development effort and a group of industry pioneers, BATI has established a unique leading position in designing, manufacturing and marketing a variety of light and polarization management components for the telecommunications and instrumentation markets.
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