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USTC Delegation Visited BATI

Woburn, MA, Febuary 21, 2005 - Delegates of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), led by the President Guo Chuanjie and Vice President Li Guodong, visited BATI today. Members of the delegation include Dr. Wang Keqiang, General Secretary of USTC, Dr. Zhou Xianyi, Director of Human Resource, Dr. Wei Guo, Dean of School of Information Technology, Dr. Yang Jiming, Dean of School of Engineering, and Mr. Guo, Shengli, Director of Alumni Office.

Founded in 1958, USTC is one of the most prestigious universities in China. With only 46 years of history, it has produced the most number of Academicians who graduated after 1963 in China compared to other universities. USTC was sometimes nicknamed for "US Training Center" since it has the highest rate of students going to the USA for postgraduate education.

The USTC delegates were greeted by BATI's President & CEO, Dr. Hua Jiang, who graduated from USTC in 1982. Dr. Kevin Zou, Vice President and CTO of BATI, followed with introductions of the unique materials platform, advanced R&D and production capabilities of the company. The visitors toured BATI's laboratories and production lines with great interests, especially when meeting with several USTC alumni in the company. Dr. Xuesheng Chen, who graduated from USTC and now a full professor at Wheaton College, was present at BATI for this visit. Prof. Chen presented her book "Advances in Energy Transfer Processes" to President Guo as a special gift.



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Boston Applied Technologies Incorporated (BATi) was formed in 2002 by the key management and technical team formerly with Corning Applied Technologies, a subsidiary of Corning Incorporated. With many years' development effort and a group of industry pioneers, BATI has established a unique leading position in designing, manufacturing and marketing a variety of light and polarization management components for the telecommunications and instrumentation markets.


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