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Boston Applied Technologies Incorporated
Develops Low Voltage VOAs

Woburn, MA, November 1, 2006 - Boston Applied Technologies, Incorporated (BATi), a leading manufacturer in variable optical attenuation and modulation technology, added high performance, lower driving voltage Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA) into its existing VOA catalog.

As one of well-known VOA manufacturers in the world, BATi continues to developing new VOA products based on the patented proprietary OptoCeramicTM technology platform. By utilizing the high electro-optic coefficient material, BATi's VOA has all-solid state structure with no moving parts. BATi's VOA is ease to use for both fiber-based systems and free-space applications.

The newly developed low-voltage VOA provides even faster speed, wider dynamic range, low insertion loss, low polarization dependence loss and the best reliability in a compact package. The power consumption of this new product is only half of those required in older versions.

BATi's low-voltage VOAs will greatly increase the flexibility of control system design and optical system integration.

About BATi
Boston Applied Technologies Incorporated (BATi) was formed in 2002 by the key management and technical team formerly with Corning Applied Technologies, a subsidiary of Corning Incorporated. With many years' development effort and a group of industry pioneers, BATI has established a unique leading position in designing, manufacturing and marketing a variety of light and polarization management components for the telecommunications and instrumentation markets.

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