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Boston Applied Technologies' linear polarization converter converts any input state of polarization to a single linear polarization by the application of voltage to independently controlled retardation plates. The polarization controller in the linear polarization converter uses OptoCeramicTM electro-optic materials to enable high-speed, solid-state polarization conversions in a compact package.

High speed
Auto reset
Low loss
Solid state
Attributes1,2 Performance
Wavelength Range3 1530~1565nm, 1570~1610nm
Insertion Loss2 <2dB
State of Polarization (SOP) Arbitrary input and single linear output
Extinction Ratio >20dB
Return Loss >55dB
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 70oC
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 85oC
Unless otherwise specified, all measurements are at 25oC and 1550nm.
2. For all wavelengths with zero volts drive.
3. 1310nm and other wavelength are also available.
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