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To support the varied needs of optical network operators, Boston Applied Technologies, Inc. (BATi) includes a wide range of optical passive devices. BATi's passive devices are extremely well suited for economical METRO area CWDM networks, as well as longer distance, medium density, DWDM networks.

CWDM Devices & Modules
CWDM 3 Port Device
CWDM 3 Port Reflecting Package Device
CWDM Modules
Mini CWDM Modules
DWDM Devices & Modules
DWDM 100GHz 3 Port Devices
DWDM 100GHz Modules
DWDM 100GHz OADM Modules
DWDM 200GHz 3 Port Devices
DWDM 200GHz Modules
DWDM 200GHz OADM Modules
MWDM Devices
980/1550nm WDM
1310/1550nm Standard and High Isolation WDM
1480/1550nm WDM
Band Separators
C Band Red/Blue MWDM
L Band Red/Blue MWDM
DWDM Band Separator
C Band Supervisory (1500~1520nm) Channel MWDM
L Band Supervisory (1610~1640nm) Channel MWDM
Three Wavelengths Filter WDM Devices
1310/1550/1620nm WDM
1310/1480/1550nm WDM
Gain Flattening Filter
Gain Flattening Filter Devices
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