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Boston Applied Technologies Incorporated
Introduces Ultra-fast Optical Switch at 2µm Wavelength

Woburn, MA, November 18, 2010 -- Boston Applied Technologies, Incorporated (BATi), a leading provider of high speed optical devices expands its Nanona™ ultra-fast fiber optical switch family by introducing 2 micron switch. The switching speed is faster than 100ns.

BATi's 2 micron optical switch is solid-state, electro-optical switch. It provides many advantages with its compactness, low insertion loss and high switching speed.

The new 2 micron switch represent a the breakthrough in terms of commercially available nano-second switching technology and will pave the way to a variety of new applications in medical, military/Aerospace and industrial markets.

BATi's low insertion loss and nano-second speed fiber optic switch series has been a tremendous success since BATi introduced the first switch 3 years ago. By expanding the family to include 2µm ultra-high speed optical switch, BATi hopes to see further penetration of optical switch, by customers introducing a variety of products using our switch.


About BATi
Boston Applied Technologies, Incorporated (BATi) was formed in 2002 by the key management and technical team formerly with Corning Applied Technologies, a subsidiary of Corning Incorporated. With many years of development effort and a group of industry pioneers, BATi has established a unique leading position in designing, manufacturing and marketing a variety of light and polarization management components for the telecommunications and instrumentation markets.
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